Drum Set paint job

This was a project to repaint our drum kit. We used a special on plastic spray paint to go right over the old drum shells. Then we added lights. The pictures will tell the story.

20140507_164426 20140507_164430 20140507_164435 20140507_170523 20140507_170529 20140507_172537 20140507_172541 20140507_172549 20140507_230321 20140507_230327 20140507_230337 20140713_100521 20140713_100532 20140713_100538 20140713_100613 20140713_100627 20140713_100634

Step Stool repaint for Alec

My nephew Alec just recently turned one year old, so I repainted a child’s step stool that all of my siblings had used. It was originally red and black. Hopefull I can find the pictures of the before/during the repaint. This included sanding, priming and painting. 20140413_191635 20140413_191654 20140413_191706

Experiment over?

I has been 10 days since I stopped tracking time spent doing productive things. I have also given up entirely on my low carb diet. I am currently trying to add muscle, so I figure that I should eat everything and anything, all the timeI gain muscle easily but the scale never moves. It seems like my body just relocates things it doesn’t need to the muscle groups I’ve been working. I would still like to make it into the 1,000 pound club someday. I am working towards that goal.

I am certainly less stressed because of my eat anything diet. I’m not sure that dropping my time sheet was a good idea. I think I waste a lot more time now. Perhaps I will force myself to get back on it.


Eating Happy

I be strugglin’.

I’m trying to figure out the best diet for myself. The way I see it, I have 3 options:

  1. Eat everything and anything (Eating Happy)
  2. Eat only what I know is good for me (Eating Healthy)
  3. Find a middle ground between eating happy & eating healthy

You see, I started this new job as a cook where I can eat for free, but the food is not that good for you. I’ve been eating #1 for the past two weeks, and my body is paying the price. I am sliding out of shape, and my acne is having a reunion concert on my face. Before that, I was eating strictly #2. I was in fantastic shape with very little body fat. My skin also improved drastically. However, I didn’t enjoy eating as much because eating healthy much of the time does not taste awesome. I also wanted to shove cake in my face all the time. The obvious choice going forward is #3. I need to assemble a diet of foods that are healthy, but also taste great.

I think I have research to do.


The Scarface event

Today, I watched Scarface for the first time. It was awesome. I also had an epiphone right after I watched it when I went running.

You see, I had set these crazy fitness goals for myself for June 1st. They included:

  1. Running a five minute mile
  2. Join the 1,000 pound club
  3. Dunk a basketball

So while I was out timing my 800 meter time (2:34) , I realized that I had no goals set for my music career, which made me realize that I was not focused enough on what I really needed to master. So, I edited my 10,000 Hours sheet to include more music and music theory practice. I also got rid of meditation and Codeacademy XP. Tomorrow I will set some goals for my musicianship and music theory knowledge!

The 10,000 hours sheet

They say that to master something, you have to spend 10,000 hours doing it. That is why I created a Google spreadsheet about a month ago to track the time I spend doing things, in order to see how much time I put into the things I want to get better at.

Here are the 9 things that I put in the doc to track, with (target time in minutes):

  1. Yoga (30)
  2. Meditation (10)
  3. Exercise (30)
  4. Guitar (30)
  5. Piano (30)
  6. Voice practice (10)
  7. Duolingo.com XP (25)
  8. Codeacademy.com XP (10)
  9. Time spent reading a book (30)

I logged 72.6 Hours in those activities during the first month! Not bad!

After using this system for a whole month, I have found that I have forced myself into making good habits of practicing daily. At the end of every day, If I accomplished these goals, I feel like I was productive, and made myself a better person. I highly recommend you try this, because seeing that I spent 72.6 hours invested into my future this month has given me a warm, delicious feeling of hope.